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Will you add your name to the Tom Perez for Maryland petition and DEMAND the Senate immediately pass federal voting protections?

Sign your name to the Tom Perez for Maryland petition to make voting more equitable in Maryland and across the country.

Since losing the 2020 election, Republicans have introduced more than 400 voter suppression laws in states across America. Now the Supreme Court is letting them get away with it!

Add your name right away to DEMAND the Senate pass federal voting protections.

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Sign Now: Make weed legal

John Fetterman understands that legal weed means more revenue, jobs, justice, and freedom. He sees how it will benefit our farmers, veterans, and small businesses.

And most of all, he sees it as a vital chance to expunge all bogus marijuana records and release every person incarcerated for using the plant.

That’s why legal weed has always been a center-most issue to our campaign. We know it’s unusual — and that’s why we want to hear from you. Will you sign on if you agree we need national weed legalization? Your response will help us propel this important issue into 2022 and Congress.

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Help elect Josh Shapiro to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania!

For nearly a year, Donald Trump and Pennsylvania Republicans have done everything in their power to push the Big Lie and roll back the right to vote. As Attorney General, Josh stood up for Pennsylvanians and fought back time and time again.

We need to make sure razor-thin swing state stays blue in the next election. Will you join Team Shapiro and help keep Pennsylvania blue?

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